Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Tags US Evacuation from Afghanistan

Tag: US Evacuation from Afghanistan

Afghan Army Collapse “Took Us All By Surprise”, Says US Defence Secretary

<!-- -->"Was it perfect? Of course not," Lloyd Austin said in his statement. FileWashington: US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin told Congress on Tuesday...

Weeks After Fleeing Home, Afghans Try To Pick Up Pieces At US Military Base

<!-- -->Signs of the swelling logistical challenges are everywhere at the US military camp. ReutersNew Jersey: It could be the happy moments, like...

‘One Of History’s Biggest Airlifts’: Biden Hails US Evacuation From Afghanistan

<!-- -->US airlift of over 120,000 people from Afghanistan "extraordinary success", Joe Biden said (File)Washington: President Joe Biden called the US airlift of...

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