Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Tag: ney appam

South Indian Desserts: 7 Dessert Recipes You Can Make Under 30 Minutes

India boasts a collection of some of the most exquisite sweet treats out there. From sugary jalebis to pillowy soan papdi, ladoos and...

3 Ways-Appam Recipe: Make Delicious Appams For Snack, Main Course And Dessert

Think about South Indian food, and it's hard to miss out on all the spicy and rich curries that the region offers. But...

Looking To Make An Easy Dessert? Try Ney Appam Recipe – A Speciality From South India

South India has given us many delicacies to devour upon. From the household famous idli, dosas, vadas and sambhar to the yummy Malabar...

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