Monday, October 25, 2021
Tags Malaika Arora fitness video

Tag: Malaika Arora fitness video

Malaika Arora Is Making The Most Of The Monsoon With This Exotic Seasonal Fruit

An important aspect of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle is eating fresh and nutrient-rich produce. Seasonal fruits and vegetables must be incorporated...

Malaika Arora shares 3 asanas for mothers to help them feel relaxed and calm

While celebrating all the mom's out there in her new fitness video, Malaika Arora shared three simple asanas that can help them feel...

Malaika Arora can even make planks fun, watch viral fitness video to believe it

In a recent video, Malaika Arora attempted to make one of the most difficult exercises fun. We are talking about planks. The video...

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