Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Tags Leftover food recipes

Tag: leftover food recipes

Have Left Over Chicken Kebab? Make Spicy Curry With It – Recipe Video Inside

The one thing that lockdown 2020 has taught us is optimal usage of everything we have at home. For instance, reusing the leftover...

Leftover Sabzi In The Fridge? Desi Twitter Suggests Smart Ways To Use It

Desi Twitter discussed some easy recipes to revamp leftovers.HighlightsLeftovers should ideally not be wasted and incorporated into other dishesA Twitter user shared a...

7 Genius Ways You Can Use Leftover Dosa Batter You Probably Didn’t Know Till Now

You may not realise it but your mothers start preparing for food much before time. What you notice is the last leg of...

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