Friday, July 23, 2021
Tags Coronavirus warriors

Tag: coronavirus warriors

As Family Stays Away Fearing Covid, Muslims Help Man Perform Last Rites of Wife in Meerut

A group of Muslim men in Meerut carried a Hindu woman’s bier as her husband waited for hours in vain for his family...

95% Lung Infection, 80 Days on Oxygen Support, Elderly Woman From Ujjain Beats Covid-19

As death, tears and haplessness seems all around amid a massive Covid-19 onslaught in Madhya Pradesh, stories of some individuals are inspiring others...

Meet Gaurav Rai, Patna’s ‘Oxygen Man’, Who Has Saved More Than 900 Lives

Patna: He is popularly known as the ‘Oxygen Man’ and people hardly know what his real name is. Meet Gaurav Rai, a man...

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