Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Viral Video: This Amazing 2-Feet-Long Chicken Egg Roll Is Making All The Foodies Drool

As Indians, our love for street food is immense. No matter if it's Indian street food, desi Chinese and now even pastas and...

Watch: How To Make Papad Chicken Roll – This Chicken Stuffed Papad Recipe Is A Must-Try

Let's admit - papad remains the most underrated dish in a traditional Indian thali. Although it holds a constant position in every regional...

Chicken Shahi Roll: A Cheese Stuffed Chicken Kebab That Will Be The Star Of Your Party

Chicken shahi roll recipe is a must-try.HighlightsChicken roll is a delicious snack that you must try.The kebab-like roll is stuffed with cheese.Here's an...

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